What I Can Do for Your Dog

As an experienced dog walker of 23 years you can rest assured your beloved dog is in safe hands.



For up to four dogs



For Dogs who like their own space


For Older dogs or puppies



Walks for two dogs 



Giving your furry friend the exercise they need


Go Fetch Dog Walking offers a friendly, experienced, reliable, trustworthy and professional dog walking service in Harrogate.

All dogs are treated as part of my extended family. 

Small group walks are for 1 hour. Pick up and drop off are in my time. 

Regular walks gives your dogs companionship, exercise, socialisation and helps to break the day up for them. I strive to provide a safe and fun walk for all the dogs. 

I walk in a variety of places in the Harrogate area. 

All dogs will be walked on lead unless written consent has been given and I have got to know your dog and I feel confident your dog has good recall.

My van is crated out and all crates have an escape door, comfy bedding and water buckets. The van is ventilated and has fans for the warmer weather. 

Dogs travel individually unless from the same family. Dogs will be wiped down if it’s muddy before returning home.

I'm fully insured, DBS checked, I have studied canine behavior and I'm Dog first aid certified.

I will arrange to meet you and your dog/s before hand to find out all about them and their ways and discuss your needs for your furry friend. 

Please do get in touch if I can help in anyway.


Group walks are up to four dogs who will be matched to activity levels and temperaments. Smaller groups allow more attention for the dogs. Your dog will get to socialize with their canine pals.
Group walks are for one hour.


One to one walks are ideal for dogs who like their own space for a variety of reasons. They may be nervous or reactive around other dogs, they may be elderly and like to take things at a much slower pace. Or some dogs just prefer to have a mooch about without other dogs.

One to one walks are ideal for puppies when they can’t go for longer walks till they are old enough.  They can incorporate walking, training, play and lots of sniffing to help tire your pup both physically and mentally. 

The walks can be tailored to meet your dogs specific needs. 

Walks can be from your home if your dog does not travel well.

I have many years experience with nervous dogs and reactive dogs. 

One to one walks can eventually lead to Buddy walks or group walks if that is something you would like in the future depending on your dogs circumstances.  

One to One walks can be 30 or 45 minutes or 1 hour. 


Home visits are ideal for young puppies who are too young to go on group walks or for older dogs who just want a slower place of life.

A home visit will be for 30 minutes where I will let your puppy out to relieve him/herself have some playtime/training if you so wish and break the day up for them. Water bowls can be checked and refilled and any activity toys can be replaced so they can stay occupied for the rest of the day till you return home. 

For older dogs they can potter about at their own pace, I will give lots of cuddles and make sure they are happy and have relieved themselves. Water bowls will be checked and any treats/toys can be given. 


Buddy walks are ideal for dogs who don't like going out with a group of dogs but who still want some canine companionship. Some dogs may find it a bit over whelming going out in a group but they still like the company of another dog so a buddy walk might be ideal for them.
Your dog will be paired up with another suitable dog to go for walks with. 



Group Walks 

£11 per hour

2nd dog from the same house an extra £7.

Additional dogs please ask.

5 days a week for one dog £50

5 days a week for 2 dogs £80

One to One Walks

30 minutes £12*

45 minutes £15*

1 hour £18

5 days a week 30 min walk £55

5 days a week 45 min walk £70 

5 days a week 1 hour £85

*Please note 30 & 45 minute walks are only available dependent on area to be collected from.

Home Visits

30 minute home visits  £11*

5 days a week £50

*Please note home visits are available depending on your location. 

Buddy Walks

1 hour walk £14

5 days a week £65


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